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Boom for french campings, 63 million room nights in April according to FNHPA

The FNHPA has unveiled the first booking trends for the 2023 camping season in France. After the record 136 million overnight stays registered in 2022 (+7.5% compared to 2019), the 2023 season seems to follow the same path. Bookings for the full season as of April 9, 2023 increased 21% over the same period a year earlier, totaling 63 million room nights.

French customers generated 41 million overnight stays (+15% compared to 2022), while international customers grew by 33% with 22 million overnight stays. The Netherlands is the main country of origin, with 7.3 million overnight stays (+34% compared to 2022), followed by Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

All types of accommodation recorded an increase in bookings, with pitches which saw an increase of 30% (21 million overnight stays) and equipped pitches which recorded an increase of 17% (42 million overnight stays). Campsites are still popular with young people, Europeans and hit-and-run tourists.

During the conference organized by the Fédération Nationale de l’Hôtellerie de Plein Air, it was highlighted how the camping sector is facing new challenges affecting the environment and society, at a company level. For this reason, the FNHPA has presented a safety guide for campsites, updated in light of the fires that hampered the regular activity of the structures last summer, in order to support campsite managers with practical indications and best practices.

Furthermore, the FNHPA presented a guide entitled “Camping towards zero waste” as part of the “Sustainable Camping Plan”, developed in collaboration with ADEME. This guide provides practical information and testimonials from HPA professionals to help campground managers achieve their zero waste goal.

The press conference also presented the “My career” site, which is committed to responding to the challenges of recruitment in the sector. The campsite still enjoys a good image, with 82% of French people considering it positively. 61% of those who have camped in the last three years have chosen this form of accommodation for the good value for money it offers, making it an affordable option for all, especially in a context of declining purchasing power. Data, information, news have all been disseminated by the FNHPA itself through press releases.