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Camping in Croatia, the new dynamics: young people choose abroad, older people increase

In the European tourism context, camping in Croatia has seen a series of successes during 2023. The data show an interesting dynamism, with significant implications for the national tourism sector. However, the Croatian camping season, despite an overall growth compared to 2022, showed some signs of change. The high season saw a slight decline in attendance, mainly during the summer months, while steady growth was observed outside of this period.

Trends and Interpretations

An analysis of the data suggests this reason: younger customers preferred foreign destinations, leaving room for a greater presence of older people during the low season. The Croatian Camping Association discussed these trends at its 17th congress, also emphasising a growing interest in climatically more favourable destinations. According to the data, until 5 November 2023, Croatian camps counted around 21.5 million overnight stays, indicating an overall increase compared to the previous year. However, July and August showed a slight weakness, especially with regard to mobile home occupancy. Croatia remains competitive in the European camping scene, holding second place in terms of quality of campsites. However, further infrastructure improvements are planned, including a focus on sustainability and digitalisation, according to the new evaluation rules introduced by ADAC.

Adac data

The analysis conducted by Adac revealed that Croatia had the most expensive camping service in Europe, raising questions about the feasibility of this pricing policy. This trend could influence demand in the coming year.

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