Camping Village Lago Levico chooses TallyKey electricity columns

Camping Village Lago Levico also chooses TallyKey electric columns distributed by New Marinas. The major facility located in Trentino has purchased fifty electric columns, which will be installed starting next summer season to renew the technological equipment of the pitches.

“We are very pleased with the purchase: the TallyKey electric columns are extraordinarily beautiful as well as functional, and we are already planning to purchase more,” says Andrea Antonioli, owner of the Icamp Group, which owns Camping Village Lago Levico and three other outdoor accommodations.

The TallyKey power column at Camping Village Lago Levico

“Camping Village Lago Levico began as a small family campsite,” Antonioli explains, “and over the years it has grown to allow us to acquire three more facilities. In fact, our group also owns Camping Panorama del Chianti in Florence and Camping Lago di Arsiè in Belluno, and just a few days ago we acquired our fourth facility, Camping Castel San Pietro in the center of Verona, which brought us to a total accommodation capacity of almost three thousand people.”

For TallyKey electric posts, there are, in short, very good prospects for growth. After all, these are high quality items, specially designed for camping power distribution and weatherproof.

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