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Campsites, record for summer 2022 reservations

The presences in Italian campsites went very well at Easter and reservations are flying for next summer. Outdoor tourism is constantly growing throughout the peninsula, with the awareness that a holiday means rediscovering that inner peace that the pandemic and international tensions put to the test. This is what emerges from the data of Faita Federcamping presented during the conference organized on Wednesday in Cavallino-Treporti, which highlight a growth trend that outdoor tourism already registered before the covid, and to which the pandemic has accelerated the boom in the outdoor market is in motion, which will establish itself in the next five years.

Between campsites and tourist villages, the data from Faita state, the outdoor tourism sector counts at a national level 2,650 companies, 1 million and 430 thousand beds with daily accommodation capacity, 150 thousand employees including the related industries, 69 million annual presences, 3 billion in direct sales and another 3 billion in related revenues. Half of the arrivals are foreign tourists.

The Easter budget and the forecasts for the summer prepared by H-Benchmark for Faita-Federcamping confirm the boom in the sector. In April, the average occupancy of the structures in the campsites was 27.4%, with peaks between 50% and 60% over the Easter weekend. Among the nationalities of origin of the guests, Germany stands out, with 45.2%, followed by Italy with 31.9%. Switzerland (9.5%), Austria (7.2%) and the Netherlands (0.8%) follow at a distance. Bookings for the summer are also good, with 48.3% of the structures occupied and peaks of 74% coinciding with the German holidays.

Bookings for the months from July to September are on average around 70%, with 22% more than the previous summer. The occupation of the structures already exceeds 50%, with daily occupancy peaks between 85% and 98% respectively for Pentecost and for the second half of August-early September. The average stay time varies from ten days to two weeks, while the booking channels are 50% direct offline and 36% through the hotels website.

“Easter 2022 was marked by recovery and positivity, and in some cases we exceeded the prepandemic data”, comments Alberto Granzotto, president of Faita. «We are moderately optimistic, given the situations of the war in Ukraine and the pandemic, but beyond these elements we are confident of being able to achieve positive results, because above all foreign markets are showing a desire to return to Italy of considerable value. Today we have a very important agreement with the first German-speaking partner Adac and Pincamp Adac Camping GmbH, which will allow a development of the digitization of campsites and their penetration into the German markets. We have also signed a very important agreement with the Rimini fair regarding the TTG and SIA events, which will allow us to network our operators and develop skills with their Academy”.

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