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Club del Sole joins Etoa

Club del Sole has joined the European Tourism Association (Etoa), the most important trade association in the European panorama for the tourism business sector. Etoa has over 1,200 member organisations, including tour operators, online operators, intermediaries, tourism boards, hotels and other commercial and tourism service providers. In recent days, 165 new members have been welcomed into the association, including Club del Sole, one of the most important Italian groups dedicated to outdoor holidays.

The entrance places Club del Sole in a competitive and attractive European context. In fact, Etoa collaborates with the political authorities of the various countries with the aim of making the tourism sector fair and sustainable.

«We feel an active part of the community of professionals who work for the most beautiful industry of all, tourism, and we consider this entry as an opportunity for growth, discussion and dialogue, human and professional», comments the general manager of Club del Sun Angelo Cartelli. «We will bring our open-air holiday format to the association, which offers our guests complete and integrated hospitality experiences, and our sustainable system model with the territories where our villages are located. Territories of which we feel active citizens and ambassadors who are always on the front line when it comes to defending and enhancing their natural, artistic and cultural resources».

As a new member of the European Tourism Association, Club del Sole participated in the “Global European Marketplace” event, held in London on 3 and 4 November.

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