From bathhouses to campgrounds, the quality of Meucci’s craft facilities

From beaches to campgrounds, the secret is dedication to the job and the ability to adapt skills acquired over the years in a related, if different, field. Theoutdoor structures proposed by the company aim at the same goal, that of proposing high-tech solutions without sacrificing attention to detail and fine finishes, respecting the quality parameters of mass production. Products that manage to combine craftsmanship and technology, projecting their research into continuous renewal, all with full respect for the environment. Andrea Meucci , head of the company, told us about the challenges undertaken in the past year, some successfully proposed at the last 41st edition of the Rimini Fair, held as part of InOut .

Mr. Meucci, what has been one of the most important goals for your brand in the past year?

“We have started to produce structures for campgrounds with the same solutions we have been using for decades for bathing establishments, receiving excellent feedback on the proposals made.”

What are the strengths of your outdoor solutions ?

The structures are modular, so any situation can be created according to customers’ needs. The strengths we focus on are: lightweight structures that are easy to assemble and disassemble, of any size and color, but at the same time able to ensure excellent strength and durability. The latter characteristic comes from experience gained from many years of working in beach establishments, where weather phenomena are often stronger than in other areas, and the quality of materials must be excellent to withstand the weather.

Practicality, durability, and great versatility, but is there an indispensable feature in all your structures?

“We can make lightweight and demountable structures of any size and color, but the only “mandatory” feature is the perimeter structure that also encloses our fast assembly system, again made from our aluminum profiles.”

What is the benefit to the camping world?

“Meucci Store proposals are made to be in direct contact with the sea. We come from the seaside world, and over the decades we have acquired the ability to make worthwhile products that are long-lasting and weatherproof, thanks to the use of the best maintenance-free materials.”

Which models were presented at the Rimini Fair InOut ?

“Some models of facilities were presented at the Rimini InOutFair , such as a kitchenette and a shower/wc designed for exclusive pitches with attached services, but with our systems we can make any kind of situation as needed, with the maximum possibility of customization.”

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FM Fratelli Meucci

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