Kamemi Camping Village has installed Ramtech’s WES3 fire protection system

Kamemi Camping Village, a four-star campsite located in the province of Agrigento, has chosen the WES3 fire and emergency alarm system, distributed by New Marinas.

«Kamemi Camping Village is the first campsite in central-southern Italy to have installed this alarm system», says Fabio D’Azzo, director of Kamemi Camping Village. «I chose WES3 in my facility because its wireless function allowed me to reduce costs by avoiding invasive cable tracing jobs. In addition, its EN54 certificate stands for quality. I thank New Marinas for introducing me to the product during a trade fair and also Eng. Rinaldi of Hoffen Group for the excellent work done during the testing».

What are you waiting for? Choose Ramtech’s WES3 for your facility and you will immediately comply with all current fire regulations.

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