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The 6 new trends of open-air holidays

The outdoor world has evolved a lot in recent years and the open air segment has changed its skin, also thanks to the pandemic, which has brought many more people closer to this type of tourism. The observatory of the Human Company group highlights 6 new trends that are characterizing outdoor tourism, which is increasingly considered experiential, in contact with nature, more aware and of proximity, but at the same time enriched with quality services and of comfort.

Mainstream: with technology, outdoor experiences are no longer for a few. On the contrary, it is now affordable for anyone (even cheap) and is considered easy as well as cool.

Service delivery: the evolution of needs has made open air a service delivery, which allows guests to better enjoy their stay both inside and outside the campsites, with a wide and diverse range of experiences.

Wellness: the concept of open air is increasingly connected with that of well-being, understood as immersion in nature that leads to greater self-care and relaxation.

Green: it is inherent in the open air proposal, and if it is true that the concept of sustainable travel is on everyone’s lips, it is equally true that today travelers want to find solutions that are already sustainable and that allow them to be sustainable themselves.

Sharing economy: it is one of the most recent outdoor trends and is highlighted by the boom in the last two years of sharing platforms applied to outdoor tourism, such as Yescapa (camper rental platform) or Click & Boat (boat rental platform).

Contamination: also in this case, the trend is recent and very evident. The most classic example is glamping, but vice versa new hotel accommodation formulas are also born, which explore the outdoors by including typical elements of the open air, such as rooms or wellness areas connected with the surrounding space.

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