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France has decided to have a Tourism Observatory

France is committed to the creation of a National Tourism Observatory, an important resource for improving the competitiveness of the tourism sector in the country and assisting public authorities in strategic decisions concerning companies in the sector. The project presentation ceremony was characterized by the choice of an outdoor setting.

Thanks to the implementation of an anonymised dashboard, starting from April 2022 it will be possible to monitor bookings and attendances in campsites in real time, comparing them with data for 2019, 2020 and 2021.

However, the success of this project requires the massive participation of all French campsite managers. In this regard, French federcamping wanted to thank all those who responded positively to the secure data collection campaign promoted by FNHPA, Atout France and ADN Tourisme. It is important to underline that the data transmitted to Atout France will be made anonymous and will not contain information on the prices charged by the establishments, their turnover or financial data.

The operation follows the experiment conducted by FNHPA in 2022 in Occitania.

Here are the advantages for companies participating in the National Tourism Observatory:

  1. The operation is completely free for companies.
  2. Data collection will be completely automated and will not require any commitment from the participants.
  3. The results will be presented periodically for the main geographical areas (sea, mountain, countryside, department, etc.) and will be sent to the participants, allowing them to compare their performances.
  4. The immediacy of the statistics will allow the media to broadcast them during the booking period, thus promoting the outdoor accommodation sector to consumers.
  5. It will be possible to more accurately identify the geographical origin of customers in each territory, allowing communication campaigns to be directed more effectively.

For the latter reason, formal consent will be requested from participating companies through a short questionnaire to authorize Sequoiasoft to transmit anonymous data to Atout France.