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The most innovative and curious proposals at SETT 2023

In November Salon SETT hosted exhibitors from all over Europe useful to the camping industry. We continue our tour of the most interesting offerings, with the third and final video feature you can see above, dedicated to the most curious and innovative exhibitors.

Hekipia designs and builds lightweight recreational housing for destination campgrounds and residential vacation parks. The company’s range consists of three categories: chalet, caravan and tarpaulin tiny-house. At Salon SETT Hekipian presented the “Caravane 7” Tiny-house, consisting of a central module with an equipped kitchen facing the terrace, bathroom, king-size bed with a space underneath to be used as storage or play space for children. The rear part of the Tiny-house houses a double and a twin bedroom. From the hallway that divides them, you can exit to the back. With its modularity, Caravane 7 can accommodate from 2 to 8 people. The Chalet “Portland” model enjoys three rooms with an interior area of 35 square meters plus 17 square meters of terrace. The customer can choose from two aesthetic finishes as well as various options for exterior materials and thermal insulation. Tiny-house “Caravane 7” and Hekipia’s Chalet “Portland” are structures can be mounted on wooden carriers, on stilts or on corbels. Designed with solid materials and assemblies of steel, wood and aluminum, the structures are guaranteed 15 years.

Cosy Mobile, is an alternative solution to the tent with three product types. A simple structure containing a double bed (140×200 cm) with a retro and colorful look that combines into three modules without a trailer to form the “Cosy Village.” The price is less than 20,000 euros with on-site supply and installation. The first contains a double bed, a nomadic hotel room solution for private and/or professional use. The second, popular with individuals, is a small trailer with a bed and fully equipped kitchen, great for weekend getaways for couples.

The Compi Boat associates the mobile home with the boat. Structured as a mobile home with a fully equipped kitchen, two bedrooms, a bathroom, a separate toilet, and a deck-terrace. It moves on the water thanks to two motors that can be less than 10 horsepower each or much more depending on need. Interior systems can be gas or electric, and navigation technology is aided by four cameras.

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